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[No Homestead ordinary] Woof Wednesday: what is the aroma delightful?

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Hello friends!

The past few weeks have been really bad smell of you to those around me. I have been fortunate few weeks when it comes to finding piles of trash and strange things to roll in. For the first time was a couple weekends ago, when I found some things especially fedida and get plastered all over my front and right all hardened in my equipment. I don't like my shoe anyway because I can't wriggle free and has to behave myself … so it was great to get it extra smelly. Mother could barely walk beside me without gagging. Then father made me go into storage Pond rain of farmer and wash a half dozen times.When we arrived at home, I was smelling much better and was able to sneak past getting a bath. my equipment was not so lucky. But I was pleased to get rid for a day.

Then, a few days later, only at the beginning of our journey, I found some people refuse to scroll in that smelled almost as good as the first pile of trash ... but not identified, there's not much. It is sad but still very effective in making me repellent. And although I tried my best to get it in my equipment again, I failed miserably.But I received a stern talking to. And I had to stand on the leash during almost the entire walk that was frustrating. You know how horrible is having to skip smell all those corners far and pee-special mails? I'm out of touch with the world dog to a whole 6 hours, sometimes even more!

My father started my demerit system again. I never told you about this? Is simply horrible.He says that if I get 10 demerits in a month, he'll send me off somewhere remote Now I don't know if he is serious or if something like that is even possible.But I for sure straighten up when he starts talking like that.I actually ended up with 4 demerits for my garbage romping and picked up another 2 demerits for something more mischievous (although I can't remember what was more) — and this was all before the middle of the month!Is not a good start!

Fortunately, you can also get demerits removed if I behave myself and I am coming good … like extra when I am called or not run into this dog across the globe (which looks oh so close), just so I can say hello. I have kept a low profile since the incidents of POO and I think father forgave me finally. Thus, while I can keep me from doing something really insane, I'll stay here for another month. That is a good thing — because I really love my family and cuddling up to my father on the couch overnight. * wink, wink *

You always gets himself in trouble even if you're just trying to have some fun?

Until next time,



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