Saturday, October 30, 2010

' [86 n it] anger problems

Here is the bomb offensive in my closet sad in station
My Office I pump right next to a box of mini-Moos Dairy
Creamers.Hilarious or even more depressing?If my breast pump was not a gift from my wonderful sister Heather:

I would crush him with the sledgehammer greater than I could find. so, I was going to demolish each of smaller pieces with a regular hammer. then I would gather all small pieces and powder plastic into a stack and a set that I am fire, melting it in a big ugly ball of sorrow and guilt and anxiety and annoyance and embarrassment would then pick up that ball, get a flight to New York, catch a taxi to the Empire State building and chuck it over the fence.

Then and only then, maybe I would feel a * little * little better.

(Want to hear more hilarious hatred against my pump?
Check out my blog post from comments: my life Glamorous as architect.)

Building A House

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